SoC-L is an academic supplementary program which runs in tandem with school academic schedule. The program is a series of art integrated activities meticulously designed to meet the fundamental needs of learning. SoC-L uses art as a medium as art is a proven instrument of Meta learning and is always close to the heart of a child. Art plays a significant role in child development.

The National Curriculum framework 2019 has recommended “Art integration- towards experiential learning.” It is realized that all disciplines being pursued by students at all stages require creative thinking and problem solving abilities. Therefore when art is integrated with education, it helps child to apply exploration, critical thinking and creativity for a deeper understanding of the concepts. School of Creativity (SoC) has been following this approach since last 4 years and is seeking to bring out a positive change in student's learning. The program is reviewed by Education officer (Maharashtra) - UNICEF. It is being used by over 5000 students and has shown results in terms of innovation, lateral thinking and enhanced empathy. It is offered by way of around 500 art integrated activities.

The coursework ensures that all the developmental domains are taken into account and are custom-made for a wide range:
• Starry Seeds (Nursery, K.G.I, K.G.II)
• Beaming Buds (STD I-IV)
• Flying Flowers (STD V-VIII)
• Creative Colours (STD IX – X)

Percentages of activities in a program based on various attributes

An academic year with School of Creativity

The programs are designed to encourage participants to indulge in a number of cognitive tasks such as concentration, problem solving, critical thinking, persistence, making choices, implementation and self evaluation. The design also ensures ample opportunities for sensory integration as the participants get busy with various kinaesthetic activities. It creates space for the participants to identify the process and express emotions.

The material provided to the participants, as a part of the program, is hand crafted and actively avoids a factory finish look. It comforts children with the beauty of imperfection, allowing them to develop a more organic bond with the different elements of the program. This allows multiple opportunities for the participants to observe and understand the beauty of interdependence in the world. Most importantly, the program makes participants privy to the labour and joy of constructing their own answers, finding their own destinations and owing their journeys!

Processes involved in SoC’s activities.


Increased interest in studies

Facilitates the student to connect a bridge between the academic subjects and its applications in real life.

Better understanding of concepts

Inculcates ability to think laterally which triggers analysis and synthesis.

Innovation and lateral thinking

The inherent open ended approach drive students to think out of the box.

Interest in Learning

Curiosity is at the nucleus of every act, leading to new possibilities of learning experiences.


Medium of art sensitizes the mind and empathizes the soul.

Unleashed power of expression

Program gradually help students overcome the fear of failure leading to purer expression and develops overall personality.


The program SoC-L aptly meets the mandate of Art Integration by CBSE
• Follow the learning fundamentals of -
Rudolf Steiner | Jean Piaget | Maria Montessori | Sir Ken Robinson | Sadguru Jaggi | Howard Gardner | Edward de Bono | Rabindranath Tagore | Lev Vygotsky | Carl Rogers
• Equip your students for global challenges
• Make your students independent thinkers
• Value added education
• Be leaders in academic education with innovative approach


SoC-L is an academic supplementary program which runs in tandem with school academic schedule.

Salient features
1. Appointment of a co-coordinator by school.
2. Orientation of school teachers as a facilitator of program.
3. Distribution of art material kit to the enrolled students in the beginning of the program.
4. The works of the children are filled, scanned and digitally documented for keeping a track of the development and internal appraisal.
5. The hi-tech tracking is achieved by use of QR codes on every activity sheet performed by the child. The works are stored on SoC's portal facilitating continuous comprehensive evaluation. the identification and activity details are encoded in the code making this a hassle free process for facilitators.
6. Depending on the chosen duration of the program, the activities will be implemented twice or once a week it is advised that there should be minimum three days gap between two activities as it facilitates scope to think.

Procedure involved :
Activity kits are handed to the coordinator in the school on the scheduled day of the week

Coordinator will keep a track of the activities performed in the class

SoC will collect the activities back from the school

Digital documentation at SoC

Assessment of the activities by the experts

Appraisal report of each child is shared on the completion of the program every year

The School of Creativity does not aim to create artists but rather
plays a key role in helping the participants become better versions of themselves- a more 'human' self.


School of creativity has brought many visible changes in my son. It has given new dimension to his thinking . Creativity is not only about any art or music it is an attitude towards life  ...a composite of habits of mind like curiosity, scepticism ,imagination, determination, craftsmanship, collaboration and self evaluation. SOC is doing good in developing these skills and I hope it continues to do so.
- Dr. Manish Chavhan

I am Akshita's mother. I want to share some amazing things about SoC. SoC is a best way to create new thoughts and ideas in mind. I observed that my daughter always discover new things with creative and a playful mind. SoC also increases mind activities and give birth to new imaginations. Curiosity to create new, without any tension is a best exercise for brain, it gives power to think and strength for learning.
- Dr. Sheetal Mahale

SOC doing a great job with our daughter Anvesha. It is giving her a chance play  with  more colours, improve  their thinking power and imagination. SOC engages parents too in holidays to work together and it helps to make strong bonding  between  them, this thing I like the most.
- Mr. & Mrs. Khade

Am very glad to say that my daughter enjoys the activities very much. She learns new things and she gets to know what is wrong and what is right, thats why I like SoC
- Mr. & Mrs. Sheikh

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